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Van Gogh Pokemon Promos & Products Revealed

Van Gogh Pokemon Promos & Products Revealed

Van Gogh meets Pokemon

Maybe not for the first time, we see a brand new Van Gogh inspired offering from Pokemon.

Pikachu Van Gogh

We have seen this style adaptation before with the famous 'Scream' adaptations.

Pikachu Scream

Now, one of most famous names in Dutch history is brought to life once again with this brand new offering from our awesome overlords at Pokemon Co.

Information sourced from the brilliant Pokebeach confirms:

“starting September 28th, a promo “Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat” will be given to those who make qualifying purchases on the Pokemon Center website. The promo will also be given to attendees who complete a “Pokemon Adventures” activity at the museum itself. The exhibit will run from September 28th through January 7th.

The card’s artwork is inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s “Self Portrait with Grey Felt Hat.”

Pikachu and Van Gogh

So YES! You don’t necessarily have to fly to Amsterdam to be able to obtain one of these however… The traffic on the site and the availability and chance of bagging one will be slim at best. Not to put a Debbie downer on your hopes of a brand new Pikachu promo, but in the world of Pokemon, this is like Black Friday for wolves!

Other products are expected to be available including poster prints, tote bags, plushies and other ornaments.

Eevee Van GoghSmeargle Van Gogh

The press release did confirm that there wouldn’t be any other promos available as of yet, but we were able to sneak a peak of these which again, will be more than likely be released on a very sparse basis. So get ready for disappointment as you see the scalpers emerge from their caves!

If you are interested in visiting the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, they will indeed have exclusive products available to ticket holder who take part in the collaborative activities so definitely a huge opportunity for our Dutch collector friends to get in on the action.

Updates to come as we find out more.

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