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Ancient Roar & Future Flash Japanese Pokemon Expansions are upon us!

Ancient Roar & Future Flash Japanese Pokemon Expansions are upon us!

New Pokemon Twin Sets – Ancient Roar & Future Flash

Ancient Roar & Future Flash News

Release is just around the corner!

Couple of beautiful additions to both sets:

Morpeko AR From Ancient Roar Iron Moth AR From Future Flash

Update October 13th! Brand new AR and SAR Reveals for both Anicient Roar & Future Flash!

Featuring: Roaring Moon SAR, Iron Valliant SAR, Professor Turo's Scenario SR, Professor Sada's Vitality SR

Roaring Moon from Ancient Roar sv4k Iron Valliant from Future Flash sv4m

Professor Turo's Scenario Full Art Trainer SR from Future Flash sv4m Professor Sada's Vitality Full Art Trainer Ancient Roar sv4k

Other AR Reveals are looking tremendous! Lets take a look!

Slither Wing AR from Ancient Roar sv4k Scream Tail from Ancient Roar sv4k Iron Jugulis AR from Future Flash sv4m Iron Bundle AR from Future Flash sv4m

Featuring: Iron Bundle and Iron Jugulis from Future Flash & Slither Wing and Scream Tail from Ancient Roar

Update 6th October!

Rejoice Pokemon card collectors! We've just received news of some of the new AR card reveals for Ancient Roar & Future Flash! So lets get right to it..

First off we have the Wimpod AR, followed by a War of the Worlds-esc Toedscruel AR. A very 'far out' looking Veluza AR, Swablu AR, an incredibly cute Magby AR and a not so cute but equally cool looking Golisopod AR!

Wimpod AR Pokemon Card - Ancient Road Future FlashToedscruel AR Pokemon Card - Ancient Road Future FlashVeluza AR Pokemon Card - Ancient Road Future Flash

Swablu AR Pokemon Card - Ancient Road Future FlashMagby AR Pokemon Card - Ancient Road Future FlashGolisopod AR Pokemon Card - Ancient Road Future Flash

My personal favourite of the bunch! This absolutely stunning Espathra AR

Espathra AR Pokemon Card - Ancient Road Future Flash

More updates to follow as we expect some more AR reveals and hopefully get to feast our eyes on the selection of SARs and Full Art Trainers!

Note: sv4M = Future Flash / sv4K = Ancient Roar

On October 27th we can expect a double/twin release from Japan which combined with the new Raging Surf expansion will form ‘Paradox Rift’, the English equivalent release coming in November.

So, what do we know so far?

Let’s start off big! We know Ancient Roar and Future Flash will feature Pokemon in the same vain. For those of you who have played the Scarlet & Violet games, will know a little bit about these ancient and future mechanics already.

We have already seen from the Paradox Rift reveals the new Brute Bonnet and Iron Moth to represent both Ancient & Future.

Ancient Road & Future Flash

We have been given a little taster of some of the Japanese reveals such as:

  • Iron Hands
  • Slither Wing
  • Sandy Shock
  • Iron Jugulis

Sandy ShocksIron Hands

As we approach the release of Raging Surf, we can expect another dose of card reveals which will show us the expected ARs and SARs available in these new parallel sets. We will be sure to keep you updated!

In the meantime, you can get a little further insight via our Paradox Rift blog post.

As ever, Japan2UK have got you covered when it comes to collecting and all 4 expansions are available to pre-order here at

Don’t forget to join our social media (Japan2UK) for advanced news on card reveals and let us know what you think. It won’t be long before the end of year high class set will be upon us, so keep your eyes peeled!

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