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Condition Guide

Condition Guide for Single Cards


  • A card in Mint condition will have no or very minor wear. Never been played and would be considered 'pack fresh'.


Near Mint

  • A card in Near Mint condition will have no more than very minor wear, or may have a small piece of whitening along one edge of the card.


 EX (Excellent)

  • A card in Excellent condition will be showing some signs of minor play. A card in this condition may exhibit one or more of the following:
    • Small marks on the sides of card
    • Wear around one or more corners/edges of the card
    • Small surface scratches on the foil of a holographic card
    • Minor surface scratches on either the front or back of the card
    • Small binder bending


US (Used)

  • A card in Used condition will show more significant wear. A card in this condition may exhibit one or more of the following:
    • Whitening around multiple sides
    • Fading/whitening of front and/or back surface of the card
    • Shuffling marks/creases at the edges of the card
    • Creasing of any kind
    • Moderate binder bending
    • Clearly visible surface scratches on a holographic card

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