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Condition Guide

Condition Guide for Single Cards 


  • A card in Mint condition will have no more than very minor wear (a small piece of whitening along one edge of the card) but most cards stated in Mint condition will be pack fresh with no signs of any wear. 


 EX (Excellent)

  • A card in Excellent condition will be showing some signs of minor play. A card in this condition may exhibit one or more of the following:
    • Small marks on the sides of card
    • Wear around one or more corners/edges of the card
    • Small surface scratches on the foil of a holographic card
    • Minor surface scratches on either the front or back of the card
    • Small binder bending


US (Used)

  • A card in Used condition will show more significant wear. A card in this condition may exhibit one or more of the following:
    • Whitening around multiple sides
    • Fading/whitening of front and/or back surface of the card
    • Shuffling marks/creases at the edges of the card
    • Creasing of any kind
    • Moderate binder bending
    • Clearly visible surface scratches on a holographic card

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