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Pokemon Night Wanderer sv6a coming June 7th!

Pokemon Night Wanderer sv6a coming June 7th!

Night Wanderer sv6 Booster Box

Welcome to the 5th subset for 2024 with Night Wanderer sv6a

Update: 22/05/24

We have ourselves some awesome reveals as we approach release at the beginning of June with matching AR cards for Duskull, Disclops & Dusknoir.

Pokemon Night Wanderer sv6a Duskull
Pokemon Night Wanderer sv6a Dusclops
Pokemon Night Wanderer sv6a Dusknoir

It doesn’t feel like 10 minutes since we were gearing up for the release of Mask of Change sv6, yet Pokemon are at it again, throwing brand new sets at us like they’re going out of fashion.

Night Wanderer introduces the Mythical Pokemon Pecharunt, in Mochi Mayhem (The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC from the Scarlet & Violet game).

We are also going to get a first look at the first ever ACE Spec Stadium card!

As ever we are expecting the same if not better range of AR, SR and SAR rarities and anyone who has had a chance to see one of the ACE spec card up close will attest that pictures do them no justice! Very nice indeed!

Night Wanderer is currently available for pre order will be with your favourite retailers, cough, Japan2UK from the 7th June.

Pre Order Here @ Japan2UK

Make sure to follow us on Instagram @japan2uk to see our dedicated content for new set reveals like this:

Mask of Change sv6 Ursuluna






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