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Pokemon Mask of Change Spoilers & Reveals!

Pokemon Mask of Change Spoilers & Reveals!

Brand new reveals in the shape of new AR and SAR cards from Mask of Change!

Teal Mask Ogerpon SAR
Hearthflame Mask Ogerpon SAR Wellspring Mask Ogerpon SAR Cornerstone Mask Ogerpon SAR
Mask of Change AR Mask of Change AR
Mask of Change AR Mask of Change AR
Mask of Change AR

It seems like just mere days since the last trio of set were released in the shape of Wildforce, Cyber Judge and Crimson Haze that make the English expansion Temporal Forces. In reality, the combined release of Crimson Haze and Temporal Forces was (at the time of writing this piece) was only a couple of weeks ago... Yet here we are, discussing yet another release in the shape of The Mask of Change which is due to release later this month.

Crimson Haze has had an astounding reception so far, it seems Pokémon has really found a solid rhythm with its' new releases and The Mask of Change is shaping up to fall right in line singing the same tune!

What do we know so far about this new release?

This new expansion is the first of another set of Pokémon boosters that will later make up the new English release Twilight Masquerade due for release in late May time.

We have reveals so far that focus on our set protagonist Pokémon Ogerpon and the various masks she adorns but its worth noting that these will take the form of the new Tera Pokemon mechanic... Lets take a look!

Cornerstone Mask Ogerpon Fighting Terra Mask from The Mask of Change Heartflame Mask Ogerpon Fire Terra Mask from The Mask of Change
Teal Mask Ogerpon Leaf Terra Mask from The Mask of Change Wellspring Mask Ogerpon Water Terra Mask from The Mask of Change
Here we have: The Cornerstone Mask, The Heartflame Mask, The Teal Mask and the Wellspring Mask.
Stay tuned as we bring you news and the real AR, SAR and SR reveals you really want to see! In the meantime, if you can't wait and want to be first in line, you can get your pre orders right her in the home of Japan2UK - Mask of Change
More to come!
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