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Pokemon Japanese Paradigm Trigger s12 News!

Pokemon Japanese Paradigm Trigger s12 News!

Pokemon have revealed a look at the upcoming set Paradigm Trigger S12 featuring Lugia VSTAR. Order this amazing upcoming set here : PREORDER PARADIGM TRIGGER S12 HERE!



Alternative art card artwork for Lugia V and Regidrago V:

pokemon Lugia v alt art paradigm trigger pokemon regidrago v alt art paradigm trigger

Miner full art trainer card:

paradigm trigger miner full art trainer

New Cards leaked 29/09/22:







Showcased during the champions league 2023 Yokohama live stream, the sword and shield fourth and final 2022 main expansion set before Pokémon moves into the scarlet and violet block in early 2023 will feature Lugia, Unown and Regidrago V and VSTAR cards, the set will also feature Regieleki V.


 Paradigm Trigger will also introduce new VSTAR power trainer cards. These have been named as ‘Grove Tablet’ and ‘Earth Tablet’.


Regular Evolution lines of Archeops, Beheeyem and Medicam as well as Dedenne, Togedemaru, Morpekoand Pikachu were also revealed. 






Within this set we will see the return of individual promo packs with one of five stamped promos to be found within that includes an alternate version of the VSTARLugia card, alternative version of Archeops and a brand new Shaymin promo, all these cards are stamped and the campaign will be limited.




A new mystery box product themed around the set will also be released on the 21st of October.

The box will include one of four guaranteed V cards with a stamped Lugia V confirmed as one of the four promos. This will be a diffrent Lugia V art work to the one in the main set.

Also included in the box in one of four different artworks is a deck box and pack of sleeves. 

Unown and Lugia have been confirmed as two of the four possible art works and it’s likely that Regieleki and Regidrago will be featured on the other two available. 

The box will also contain seven booster packs of the paradigm trigger set.

 pokemon Japanese paradigm trigger mystery box


The back of the box showing the Lugia V promo card and two variations of the Lugia deck box and sleeve arts:

Japanese paradigm trigger mystery box japanese paradigm trigger mystery box

Lugia deck box and sleeves and Unown V promo card:

Japanese paradigm trigger mystery box pokemon Japanese paradigm trigger mystery box Unown promo pokemon

Regidrago deck box and sleeves:

Japanese paradigm trigger mystery box regidrago Japanese paradigm trigger mystery box regidrago

  New cards leaked from the set below :




 shinx paradigm trigger pokemon

luxe paradigm trigger pokemon luxury paradigm trigger pokemon


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