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Pokemon Silver Tempest News, Card Leaks! Sword And Shield Era Coming To A Close With Amazing Final Set!

Pokemon Silver Tempest News, Card Leaks! Sword And Shield Era Coming To A Close With Amazing Final Set!

Pokemon Silver Tempest News, Card Leaks! Sword And Shield Era Coming To A Close With Amazing Final Set!

The end of this year is absolutely packed with new English product releases and we couldn’t be more excited!

Silver Tempest is looking like a very exciting set both for collectors and competitive players.

Within the TCG format, Silver Tempest contains some standout cards such as Lugia VSTAR, Regidrago VSTAR, Unown VSTAR and Regieleiki VMAX which looks set to be the last ever Pokemon VMAX released and it's a good one! 

Silver Tempest will also see the introduction of VSTAR power trainer cards, Earthen Seal Stone and Forest Seal Stone which are classed as Pokemon Tool cards.

Silver Tempest is due to release on the 11th November!

Pre order Silver Tempest here!


Lugia V alternative art features a stunning art style and pictures Lugia rising out of the sea!

silver tempest Lugia v alt art

Secret rare versions of Lugia VSTAR and Regidrago VSTAR: 

pokemon silver tempest Lugia VSTAR gold pokemon silver tempest regidrago VSTAR rainbow

Unown VSTAR and Regieleiki VMAX: 

pokemon silver tempest Unown VSTAR  pokemon silver tempest regieleki VMAX

 New VSTAR Power Trainer Cards - Forest Seal Stone And Earthen Seal Stone:

pokemon silver tempest forest seal stone trainer card pokemon silver tempest earthen seal stone trainer card

The set also includes some stunning trainer gallery and alt art v cards which are sure to be top of collector’s lists!

Serpirior V featuring Rosa, and Gardevoir featuring Diantha:

pokemon silver tempest serperior v alt art rosa pokemon silver tempest gardevoir dianthus trainer gallery

Braixen featuring Dawn and Smeargle trainer gallery cards:

pokemon silver tempest braixen dawn trainer gallery pokemon silver tempest smeargle trainer gallery

 Amazing new alt arts, Regidrago V and Unown V:

pokemon silver tempest regidrago v alt art pokemon silver tempest unown v alt art

 The set also features new trainer cards - Gym Trainer, Lance and Candice:

pokemon silver tempest trainer card gym trainer pokemon silver tempest trainer card lance

pokemon silver tempest trainer card Candice

Recently, images have been leaked online of some final artworks we will see in the set. These included some of the final trainer gallery and gold cards from VMAX Climax, and the beautiful friends in Galar trainer card.

Trainer gallery cards featuring Rayquaza VMAX and Zinnia and Duraludon VMAX featuring Raihan:

pokemon silver tempest rayquaza VMAX pokemon silver tempest duraladon VMAX trainer gallery

Trainer cards Sordbert and Shielbert and Friends In Galar:

pokemon silver tempest trainer card sordward and sheilbert pokemon silver tempest trainer card friends in Galar

This will be the last Sword and Shield main set, with a special set to see out the era dropping at the start of next year.

Although we have seen some leaks for this they are not the best quality. However from what we have seen its looking to be an absolutely stunning set with lots of full art cards.

pokemon star universe leak sword and shield special set

The cards in this special set will most likely be what we will see within the v star universe set releasing in Japan on the 2nd of December.


You can pre order VSTAR Universe here!


 Upcoming Release Dates for Future Products,

Look out for our future blogs on these!

 Oct. 21 - Paradigm Trigger (Japan)

Oct. 28 - Charizard Ultra Premium Collection

Nov. 1 - Darkrai VStar, Shaymin VStar Premium Collection

Nov. 11 - Eevee Evolutions Premium Collection

Nov. 11 - Pokemon Sword & Shield: Silver Tempest

Nov. 18 - Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (Video Game)

Dec. 2 - VSTAR Universe (Japan)

Jan. 6, 2023 - Scarlet & Violet Preview Box



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