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One Piece OP-07 500 Years Into The Future

One Piece OP-07 500 Years Into The Future

One Piece OP-07 500 Years into the Future 

Latest update: Well our suspicions were confirmed and we are about to get our first female Manga Art and it is non other than Boa Hancock! Wowza, we don't think they could have picked a more iconic female icon from the One Piece world. 100% approved!!

Boa Hancock One Piece Trading Card Game Manga Art Rare

The latest instalment in the main series of expansions for the One Piece Trading Card Game is due for release (Japanese) in late February 2024 with the English expansion following the beginning of summer (June) 2024.

This 24 pack set will include a wide array of card types that we should all be familiar with including some exciting new Leader Cards.

Rarities include:

  • ・Leader Card x 6
  • ・Common x 45
  • ・Uncommon x 30
  • ・Rare x 26
  • ・Super Rare x 10
  • ・Secret Rare x 2
  • ・Special Card x6
  • ・Treasure Rare x1
  • ・DON!! Card x1

Little is known as of yet to the specifics of what we might see and naturally we are all waiting with bated breathe to find out what the next Manga art is… Speculation suggests we may be in for a treat with a female character chase card.. Maybe Boa, Nami or Uta? These One Piece ladies seem to be popular choices for a big chase card amongst the OP community…

February is here so we can expect news and leaks to start emerging any day now! Keep your eyes peeled for more. 

In the meantime, for collectors who can’t wait… We’ve got you covered. Get your pre-orders in with us at

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