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One Piece EB-01 Memorial Collection News

One Piece EB-01 Memorial Collection News

One Piece EB-01 Memorial Collection

In a whirlwind, One Piece has consistently being pushing the boundaries of popularity more than any other TCG this last year especially. With the addition of the live action Netflix show, one of the biggest catalogues of manga to read and over well over 1000 episodes including 15 movies, there is more than enough One Piece content out there to keep anyone new to the franchise busy for years to come! 

The Trading Card Game is no different! 

As we head towards OP-07 500 Years into the Future due for release in late Feb 2024.. We have a stop gap between the Japanese and the English release in June with this new addition: Memorial Collection EB-01…

We already know and can confirm our Manga art for this set will be none other than Chopper! Let’s take a look!

Chopper Manga art Secret Rare from EB-01 Memorial Collection

As ever we have you covered in the ‘where do I get this set from’ department. 

More news to come!

Order EB-01 Memorial Collection at Japan2UK

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